Vingroup has invested more free utilities for residents in Times City and Royal City.
According to Vingroup Manager, this decision aims to complete infrastructures and utilies system as international standards, and also commit to support customers in a long term.

Although offering period was over and handed over apartment to customers on time; with continous efforts, Vingroup usually builds and remains civilized, modern enviroment in urban areas. Vingroup has invested 200 billion VND to build more utilities and facilities for residents in Times City and Royal City.

Accoding to investor,each building will have a lounge with 100- 200 sq meters Lounge to serve residents and guests.

Các tiện ích tại Royal City Nguyễn Trãi

Royal City Apartment– Surrounding Utilities

Moreover, Vingroup also invested in modern and luxury four seasons swimming pool in Royal City and Time City. For example, every  building in Royal City will have a hot water swimming pool inside in 200 square meters. Times City will also have  a four seasons swimming pool with 4000 square meters which contains a swimming pool for adults 1350 m2, 1,3 meters deepth (the same with five stars international hotels’ standard); a swimming pool for child 300 m2, 0,5 meters in deepth; and a swimming pool for teenagers 600m2 with 0,9 in deepth and the rest with more than 1000m2 in auxiliary area.

Besides, Vingroup also with build more tennis, basketball,  football and badminton courts for residents.

The most important and special thing is that all these utilities are managed by urban area there, which means that all residents could use utilities for free . All costs to remain normal operation of these utilities were anounced in monthly management. And, according to plan, these services will be opened in all buildings in turn from the 1st December, 2013 to March, 2014.

To help all customers, especially foreigners who want to lease apartments in Royal City and Time City, Vingroup is also providing ironning service, looking after children, cleaning up service… for residents.

Besides, Vingroup has established a Real Estate Service Company to manage professionally apartments and villas for lease and sale which is ready to serve customers.

Tiện ích khu đô thị Royal City
On the occasion of this event, Ms Le Thi Thuy, vice- chairman, CEO of Vingroup said that: “Because customers are the most important factor, we usually try our best to bring them the best services and the highest quality products. We want to bring residents an ideal space, where is not only modern infrastructure, ecological environment, civilized community but also modern and safe utilities system. The most imporrtant target is each family’ quality life, and helping customers to invest in this project at highest profit rate.

With these infrastructures at present and in the future, Times City and Royal City, we commit that these projects will become urban areas which have full utillities, and the most luxury apartments in Hanoi as well as Vietnam in a whole. About these items, we hope that our customers will welcome as our presents and commitment of Vingroup. We also encourage residents to give us a hand to build more civilized and cutural environment in Times City and Royal City as life in the dream…”

Despite difficuties on real estate market at present, Vingroup’s departments not only completed on time but also increased continuously more utillities which were not available in contract. These efforts are remarkable. Vingroup usually willing to invest in facilities to increase products’ quality after selling which make their business culture. We could know their ability and enthusiatism of the fist class real estate company in Vietnam, otherwise,Vingroup’s prestige with customers in thier commitment.

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